1. For my love: (my first legit poem ever)

    Holding back these tears I refrain
    From stressing bad thoughts running through my brain
    Counting down each second, day by day
    Until you’re back by my side to stay.

    On the verge of suicide, I sit back
    Making sure I keep my mind on track
    Realizing these hurdles make us stronger
    Hoping they don’t keep you from us longer.

    Trapped in a cycle, I’m feel alone
    Praying to God they let you come home
    I took our time together for granted
    Learning from this situation we’ve been handed.

    Just know I love you more than words can express
    Even though I seem an absolute mess
    Through these trying times we will prevail
    Laughing as we recall this cruel tale.

    I can’t even fathom how you must feel
    Trapped in that box of brick & steel
    Here for you I’ll forever remain
    Knowing deep in my heart it’s not in vein.

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  3. I hate Tim and Eric, but I love GIF’s…


    Listen to this fucking song and watch this GIF… Amazing

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  4. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

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  5. Drop Dead Fred

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  6. My Brainiac !!

    Totes how most of my mornings go…

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  7. Heisenberg

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  9. Krieger

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  10. Amen!

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